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about blaengad

blaengad was established in late 2013, so it is new on the block as a business. But underpinning blaengad is a wealth of experience in research and regeneration and the desire and drive to go the extra mile.

A research scientist by training and previous profession for over 20 years, I deliberately changed careers to become actively involved in regeneration in the south Wales valleys where I was born and bred.

The aim of blaengad is to understand how we can best work with our natural and cultural heritage to achieve transformational, sustainable economic, social, and environmental benefits and positive change for communities. There is a need to combine innovative strategic vision with successful delivery on the ground. Experience includes:  

> A PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner in project management successfully devising, funding and delivering projects and programmes, including European funding projects

> coordinating, networking, and leading and working in partnerships as appropriate - working together to make a real difference

> undertaking meticulous research and analysis to understand what needs to be done, what the assets are to deliver that and how their potential can be harnessed and maximised